Extracting Twitter Data Without API: GetOldTweets3

I should start by mention that Tweepy is an official robust method to download data from twitter. However, sometimes it takes a long time to get the developer license. I am not sure how long it takes these days. I applied to get the license a few days ago but still didn’t get a response. You can google about how to get the license and use Tweepy. You will find lots of tutorials. So ,is there any alternative way?

The answer is yes. It is GetOldTweets3. GetOldTweets3 is an alternative way of Tweepy. GetOldTweets3 doesn’t require any application. By a few lines, you can have the tweets you want.

The below steps will show how to get tweets using the Python package GetOldTweets3. You could find a documentation about it here.

Step 1: Install GetOldTweets3

Just write

Step 2: Setting the search query

For example, I want to collect all tweets that has the word “yemen” in English language. And I want also set the date to be from 11–3–2020 until 12–3–2020. There are number of filters available as well. You can have a look into the library website.

Step 3: Run the code

That’s everything! You’re now ready to collect tweets. Have fun! You can get the code from my github



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